• /plugincontroller (/pc, /plc)
    • enable <plugin> (e) - enables a plugin
    • disable <plugin> (d) - disables a plugin
    • load <jar> (l) - loads plugin from given .jar file
    • unload <plugin> (u) - unloads a plugin from a server
    • reload <plugin> (r, rl) - unloads and loads a plugin
    • sreload <plugin> (s, srl, softreload) - disables and enables a plugin
    • details <plugin> (info, show, i) - shows detailed information about a plugin
    • list [options] (ls) - shows list of plugins with given options
      • -v, -version - shows plugins with versions
      • -o, -options - lists options
      • -a, -alphabetical - lists plugins in alphabetical order
      • -s:name, -search:name - lists plugins containig the given name
    • configreload [plugin] (cr) - reloads a plugins's config file
    • search <query> [page] - looks for a plugin in the Spigot repository
    • more <id or name> - shows information about a plugin from the Spigot repository
    • download <id or name> - downloads plugin from Spigot repository
[argument] is optional, <argument> is required argument. Terms in () are aliases.
Last modified 5yr ago